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roof-inspection-Minneapolis-Twin-Cities-MinnesotaIt’s almost impossible to to accurately determine the condition of a home’s roof from the ground, and getting on the roof (even in the best of weather) can be extremely dangerous for most homeowners. The only way to get a full evaluation is to have a qualified roofing professional perform a roof inspection.

Our qualified and experienced roofers can inspect your roof, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs due to roofing issues that could have been caught earlier and corrected.

If your roof has been in a large storm and you suspect that it may be damaged, don’t delay, call us today. Have a trained roofing professional give you an honest evaluation of any possible damage, what options you have and recommend corrective measures to take. We will make sure that your roof is in perfect shape and make the process fast and simple. We’ll even help you with your insurance claim!

Iron River Construction – the trusted name in Minneapolis roofing contractors!

At Iron River Construction, we carry out a thorough and detailed multi-point roof inspection process to help our homeowners have peace of mind, knowing they making educated decisions regarding roof replacement or repairs.

  • Missing, loose or worn roof shingles
  • Loose or missing flashing
  • Storm damage caused by wind, hail or lightning
  • Dirty, clogged or improperly working gutters
  • Damaged or missing vents
  • Caved-in areas on roof decking
  • Stains or rot on fascia or soffit areas

During the inspection process, we will make a detailed evaluation regarding the need for roof repair or replacement. If you think you may have roofing issues, don’t delay, our qualified roofing team is ready to help and offer you permanent and affordable roofing solutions!

What People Have Said

As a local insurance agent, I have had several clients work with Tracy at Iron River Construction. Every one has been extremely satisfied with their roofing, shingles, new siding, windows, doors, gutters, or anything else they have done. I highly recommend their services!


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Tracy Dahlin, owner of Iron River Construction, has been selected by REMODELING magazine to join the REMODELING Big50.
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