Metal Roofs

residential-metal-roofingConsidering a metal roof for your Minneapolis area home or business?

Iron River Construction’s experienced roofers can install a beautiful, long-lasting metal roof on your building.

Why metal, and what benefits does it have over shingles and other roofing materials?

  1. Your metal roof will last at least fifty years, guaranteed! You will most likely never have to replace or even maintain your roof again.
  2. Metal is one of the lightest-weight roofing materials on the market. It puts less pressure on the other structural elements of the home, helping them in turn to last longer as well.
  3. Fire resistance. Metal roofs are non-combustible. Should there ever be a fire in or near your home, your metal roof may actually help protect your family and your home from damage and injury! And since metal roofs are lighter than other roofs, they’ll put fewer pounds of pressure on any burning or weakening materials inside the house and slow down any chance of collapse.
  4. Metal roofs withstand intense storms. Many other roofing materials can rip or blow off during heavy winds, but metal roofs, when installed correctly, have proven to resist even hurricane-force winds. Metal roofs are also just as safe during lightning storms as any other building, contrary to popular belief. If lightning strikes, it generally strikes the tallest object, regardless of its building materials.
  5. Metal roofs are environmentally-friendly. A metal roof is a green roof. It’s made of 95% recycled aluminum, and because it lasts for over 50 years, it’s not going to be taking up space in a landfill any time soon.

Iron River Construction is experienced and enthusiastic about helping customers install the best roofs in their homes! We are well-respected in the Minneapolis area. We stand behind all our jobs, and we’ve worked to make the roof replacement process as simple as possible.

We understand that your roof is important and you want to make sure you get it right! Feel free to contact us at 952-442-1762 and ask as many questions as you like. If you want, we can come to your home or business at your convenience, look at your current roof, and go through your options with you.

If you choose us to install your roof, we promise to work hard, provide the best quality materials, communicate with you throughout the process, and ensure a quick turnaround time so you can carry on with your life!

Choose Iron River Construction when you are thinking about installing a metal roof for your home!

What People Have Said

…the responsiveness of all involved has been outstanding and the job amazing. I could not be happier and I highly recommend their services.


Tracy Dahlin, owner of Iron River Construction, has been selected by REMODELING magazine to join the REMODELING Big50.
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