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Cost vs. Value Report

What Remodeling Projects Have The Highest Return on Your Investment?

The annual Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine is an exceptional tool unknown to many homeowners. The report serves as an excellent guide for you to know if the remodeling project you are considering for your home is a good return on your investment. In this report, thirty-five of the most common home remodeling projects are evaluated to enable you to easily see the average cost to the homeowner vs. the average added value to the property after the job is complete.


A highly rated publication, Remodeling Magazine provides the annual remodeling report to assist homeowners in making informed decisions on their remodeling projects. A variety of measures are used in these calculations so that you can have a reliable means of knowing what a project can cost you, especially if you are planning on selling your home in the near future.

Click here to view the full 2017 Cost vs Value Report for the Minnesota region >>

What Does the Cost Vs. Value Report Mean?

We, at Iron River Construction, have provided this report as a great value to Minneapolis homeowners. As one of the most reliable remodeling contractors around Minneapolis, we strive to be an impartial source of accurate home remodeling information.

We aim at providing you various options and ideas to evaluate when planning your home remodeling project. Having information like the Cost vs. Value Report is a great way for you to be sure you are getting all that you want for your home with the remodeling options we suggest. It is, after all, completely understandable for you to want to achieve a good return on investment of your time and money in any project that you take on for your home.

What Projects Have the Highest ROI Value?

Though a good question, it is important to understand that the costs shown in the report are calculated estimates. Because of this, the actual cost of your project may differ a little from those shown in the report when we take into consideration the overall scale of the project, decorations, finishes, custom work, choice of materials, and other factors. Not to worry, we can help outline the actual cost to you after we take all these things into consideration.

Top 10 Midrange and Top 10 Upscale Projects for 2016


Fiber Cement Siding

fiber-cement-siding-ROI-investmentFor 11 consecutive years, the installation of Fiber Cement Siding on homes has the #1 in ROI for upscale remodeling projects. In 2016 it dropped to #2 on the list.

Being a homeowner, there are various projects you can start on however, fiber cement residing of your home will yield you the highest return on investment.

Trust a Proven & Professional Remodeling Contractor

Choosing the right contractor is the next important step once you’ve decided on a remodeling project. Iron River Construction aims to provide all the information necessary for you to make an informed decision, but we encourage you to call us if you want a local, reliable home remodeling contractor. Our professional team can help you achieve the results you want without the hassle.

Tracy Dahlin, owner of Iron River Construction, has been selected by REMODELING magazine to join the REMODELING Big50.
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